Bathing & Grooming for Your Best Friend — in Hampton, VA

What to Expect


For bathing and grooming, we operate on a drop off system. Pets are dropped off at their appointment time, and we call once your babies are clean and ready to go! Our turn around time is generally between 4 and 6 hours, although we do offer an Express Service (see PRICE PAGE for more information).


Our drop off times are between 8:00 to 2:00, generally on the hour. please let us know of any scheduling issues – we will do our best to accommodate!
When you book an appointment, let us know if any of your babies will be getting af haircut so we can schedule them with the right people for the job.
You are also more than welcome to request a specific groomer. Everyone has their own style, so let us know if you have a preferred groomer.

Walk-in Services

We offer a few walk-in services for those pups who just need a quick spa treatment!


Haircuts are in addition to the bath package. All the services provided with a bath are included in the haircut price! Prices will vary based on extent of grooming required. When you come in for your appointment, we will assess your dog’s coat and help you pick the perfect groom.

NOTE: Sometimes, issues such as matting will necessitate shorter lengths or spot shaving. We want to do what’s best for your baby!


This is your mini groom for when your pup needs some sprucing up but doesn’t need a full haircut. They will get a face trim, a sanitary clip, paw pads shaved, and trimmed feet, along with some light trimming on the body if needed.

All Over Touch Up or Outline Trim – A step above Touch Up but not quite a haircut, this is the groom you want if you like the length of your dog’s hair but the whole body needs to be neatened up. We will do some more extensive trimming on your dog’s coat without taking too much off. Outline Trims are also perfect for your breeds with fluffy pants or flyaway hair, such as golden retrievers, Australian shepherds, and Newfoundlands. This gives them a neater look without taking any major length off the body.

Deshedding Add-on

This add on package is perfect for your heavy shedders! It includes a special shampoo and conditioner that is worked into the fur to help loosen undercoat. They will then get extra drying and extended brushing to remove as much loose hair as possible. We can’t stop them from shedding but we can reduce it! The more hair we get out, the less that will be on your couch. Removing dense undercoat also keeps the skin and coat healthy and helps prevent matting.

Express Service

Our services have a time estimate of 4 to 6 hours. However, sometimes that might not work for your dog or your schedule. If your dog gets stressed easily or has health issues, or you need to have your dog sooner to fit your schedule, we can accommodate you! With our Express Service, your dog will be started right away and will have a guaranteed turn around of 1 to 2 hours.

Dematting Fee

All grooms include some brushing and dematting. However, for heavily matted or undercoated dogs that require more than what is part of a normal groom, fees will be applied to cover the extra work needed to get your pup looking its best. Fees will be determined based on the severity and volume of matting/undercoat.

Finishing Touches

Finishing touches include cologne and a spiffy bandana!